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Historical weather impact data for model training and more

Fourteen years of hyper-granular impact data to power your models and analyze accuracy.

Our historical datasets

Group 411.png
Basic weather parameters

Precipitation accumulation, temperature, and many more.

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Impact scores

Our full suite of impact scores. More information here.

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Historical route disruption data powered by our weather-adjusted ETA engine, RightRoute.

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Historical forecast

Access all our seven day forecasts throughout history.

Consumer Edge re-trained their consumer demand models with our historical datasets and improved accuracy by 25%.


A freight visibility company utilized our historical RightRoute data to add disruptive weather to their ETA predictions, improving them by 40%. 


Extensive coverage to meet your needs

Learn more about our underlying here.

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Multi-channel access

Use our API or data pipeline to retrieve data however you’d like

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Flexible geographies

Datasets can be accessed on hyper-granular 3km grid or rolled up into ZIPs

Understand weather impacts from day 1 with WeatherOptics

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