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WeatherOptics Launches Predictive Wildfire Risk Applications

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Today we're announcing a cutting-edge set of predictive wildfire products that capture the complex formation of wildfires and predict how they will spread over the next 24 hours.

These insights will allow enterprise businesses, government agencies, and emergency managers to gain a better understanding into how wildfires may threaten their operations and the safety of their communities.

The data will be part of the WeatherOptics Impact Risk Scores, and integrated into popular products like the RightRoute API, Maps API, and the Insight Portal.

WeatherOptics Wildfire Spread Index

Wildfire risk is increasing across the United States

Wildfires can be unpredictable and dangerous, threatening life, property, supply chain, and daily business operations around the world. More frequent heat waves and severe droughts have dramatically increased the risk of wildfires and the overall impacts they have on the US:

Damage Caused by Wildfires in the United States, 1984–2020 (EPA)

Predictive Wildfire Risk Scores

Wildfire Conditions Index: Predict the formation of wildfires out to 7 days

The Wildfire Conditions Index predicts the likelihood of a wildfire igniting at a given location based on estimated vegetation flammability, future weather conditions, and proximity to active large wildfires. The index ranges from 0 to 10 with values of 0 indicating no chance of wildfire ignition and 10 indicating ideal conditions for a spark to grow into a large wildfire.

Wildfire Conditions Index across the Western US
Key values:
  • Gauge which regions are at higher risk for wildfire formation due to weather conditions

  • Predict out to 6 days how risk will change across the US with a 0-10 risk score

  • Check if key assets, property, or populations are at risk for wildfire formation and warn ahead of time

  • Visualize the data to internal operations, customers, or the community


Wildfire Spread Index: Predict the movement of active wildfires over the next 24 hours

The Wildfire Spread Index predicts how an active wildfire will spread due to weather and soil conditions over the next 24 hours. The index ranges from 0 to 10 and indicates a range of likelihood that a wildfire will approach a specific location. Higher values signal greater certainty that a wildfire will spread nearby, with a 10 indicating that a location is currently or about to be on fire.

The product also includes real-time information about the wildfire such as name, level of containment, level of suppression, and overall severity.

Key values:
  • Track active wildfires and predict the risk of spread to nearby locations over the next 24 hours

  • Understand if assets are at risk with a 0-10 score indicating the likelihood of spread

  • Gauge how many acres have burned, the level of suppression, and the level of containment

  • Visualize the data to internal operations, customers, or the community


Products and deliverables

The Wildfire Risk Scores will be included in the following WeatherOptics products:

Impact API: The Wildfire Conditions Index and Wildfire Spread Index can both be accessed with the WeatherOptics Impact API. The API will return the 0-10 score for each so you can assess how new and active wildfires could impact your business operations.

RightRoute API: RightRoute will include the Wildfire Spread Index and Wildfire Conditions Index, showing supply chain and transportation companies when shipments are expected to go through active wildfires, and when new wildfires might form along a route.

Maps API: The Maps API will allow you to visualize both the Wildfire Conditions Index and Wildfire Spread Index, so you can show your customers and your team where wildfires pose risk in the short term and medium term.

The Insight Portal: The Portal will visualize the Wildfire Conditions Index and Wildfire Spread Index so you can track active wildfires and their movement on a map of the United States. You can also see a timeline of how wildfire risk will change for a given location, and click on the active wildfires to see additional information such as level of containment, suppression, and severity.


How customers are leveraging the insights

Supply chain and logistics companies change route plans that are expected to go through active wildfires and assess risk on a per shipment or per lane basis

Transportation companies alert fleets and drivers when there is an active wildfire nearby or when there is a high risk of new wildfire development

Retailers and shippers monitor if active wildfires are threatening warehouses, facilities, and store locations, and take the proper precautions to ensure safety at all locations

Emergency management and government agencies improve their ability to evacuate areas ahead of time and warn communities of danger during active wildfires


Learn more and access the Wildfire Risk Scores

Interested in protecting your operations from wildfires? Set up a demo with our team today:


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