Pinpoint and avoid weather-related road delays –– days in advance


The world's most advanced weather-adjusted ETA predictions

We ingest 80 million points of historical vehicle data to understand when and where weather-related delays will occur.

How it works


Tell us your start/end locations and departure time up to 7 days in advance


We model the weather impact along your route


We report a percentage by which traffic will be slowed down from normal, due to weather

See the impact from day one


Improved visibility and delivery window accuracy

Multiple days notice = greater transparency and increased customer retention.


Driver safety and accident prevention 

Accidents cost trucking companies between $20 and $40 million per year on average. 


Maximize efficiency when delays are expected

Proactive changes in workforce, less overtime pay, reduced operating costs, and higher productivity.


Optimized inventory
at all times

Appropriate stocking during times of inclement weather is only possible with proactive knowledge. 

A format that fits into existing workflows

Data Buckets
Custom Reports

Impressively accurate, days in advance

Up to 60%

How much our ETA improves route provider accuracy during severe weather conditions

9 out of 10 times

How often our ETA outperforms top routing providers during high impact weather events


Consumer-facing route providers such as Google and HERE are great tools for routing, but do not account for weather-related delays.

In April 2020, a powerful snowstorm hit Maine. Four days in advance, RightRoute predicted slowdowns within 10% of what actually occurred.


Short-term and long-term predictions

We produce hourly forecasts out to 168 hours so you can deal with ongoing shipment delays in the short term, or begin to prepare for them in the long-term.

Historical data available for model training

Our ever-expanding dataset contains continuous insights back to 2014. Use historical ETA data to retrain models that make better predictions.

What sets RightRoute apart?


Real ETA predictions

While some of our competitors report weather and road conditions along routes, we quantify that information into actionable insights. We'll report the actual percentage by which our models predict your shipment will be delayed due to weather. This percentage can directly integrate with any routing provider (such as Google or TomTom) or TMS to produce a more accurate route time. 


Waypoints + individual slowdown points

Our routing engine will recommend the most viable route for your shipment, but if you know your truckload is required to take a specific route or make certain stops along the way, RightRoute allows you to set waypoints by lat/lon. We'll report both overall route slowdown as well as where each individual slowdown is occurring along your route.


Slowdown factors + extreme weather

Gain insight into what types of weather are causing the slowdowns our models are predicting with weather flags. We'll flag the overall route and the individual slowdown points to let you know if it's rain, snow or wind adding time to your shipment. We'll also flag the route for extreme weather if conditions are so severe that roads might close and shipment delays could be significantly longer.

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Vehicle type and attributes

Adjust vehicle type parameters to receive forecasts tailored for cars or commercial trucks. Further refine predictions by inputting the height, width, length, weight, and axle weight of your trucks. 

Proactive rerouting starts here.