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Empowering businesses with cutting-edge weather insights

WeatherOptics doesn't just predict the weather – we redefine how industries prepare and respond to critical events.

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HYPERR: AI weather modeling for the modern age

WeatherOptics proprietary Hyperlocal Enhanced Rapid Refresh model improves weather forecast accuracy by up to 50%

Sophisticated machine learning algorithms are meticulously trained using ASOS ground-truth observations alongside a blend of high performance mesoscale modeling

HYPERR employs optical flow and computer vision algorithms that analyze recent radar observations, ASOS data, and satellite images to predict the movement of precipitation

Every 15 minutes HYPERR updates using real-time, high resolution observations and predictive modeling that power the first 6 hours of the 180 hour WeatherOptics forecast engine

The result is a hyperlocal model with robust data that delivers forecasts down to a 3km granularity, and produces a 50% reduction in RMSE compared to standard NWP models

Built for high precision and accuracy

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Validated predictions that ensure the highest level of accuracy

Forecast accuracy is a top priority at WeatherOptics, and that includes constantly validating and monitoring our forecasts.

The proprietary WeatherOptics forecast engine, which includes HYPERR, consistently outperforms other weather platforms who rely strictly on government model data.

Our weather and impact modeling is continuously updated and vetted by third-party sources, and trusted by some of the largest brands and companies in the world.

Hyperlocal & timely data across the globe

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Updated every 15 minutes

All forecasts are updated every 15 min so that you'll know about new delays as soon as we do.

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Our data is captured on a 3km grid meaning we're able to pinpoint slowdowns by road segment.

Global coverage

Available in North America and Europe (Global data coming in 2022).

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180 hour forecasts

All our datasets are forecasted hourly out to 7 days (14 days available upon request).

Don't spend resources interpreting weather data. We do that for you.

With WeatherOptics impact insights, you'll receive actionable recommendations such as "Tuesday morning shipments through Illinois will be delayed by 2 hours due to heavy snow."

We translate weather data into impact insights

Proprietary weather modeling


Business Impact & Geospatial data


Machine learning & real-time analysis


Impact Risk Scores built for business

Road Conditions Index
Road Conditions Index

Weather-based driving risk and danger calculated from traffic flow and road capacity under various conditions.

Flood Index
Flood Index

Risk and danger of flooding based on rainfall and local hydrological factors.

Power Outage Index
Power Outage Index

Power outage risk based on weather, customer density, and other landscape factors on a 0-5 scale.


Route-based weather forecasts for shipment delay times and optimization

Route Optimization

Built to scale

Our powerful APIs are designed for high-volume applications and can be called millions of times per month.


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