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Forecasting impact instead of weather

Our industry-tailored insights leverage ground-truth impact data and don’t require weather knowledge to use.

From data to insights

1. Weather and non-weather data is ingested from various partners, public & private datasets, weather models, and more.

2. Machine learning-based weather impact models are trained on years of historical data.

3. Weather data is dynamically blended for optimal accuracy and run through our impact models.

4. Outputs are wrapped into intuitive impact scores and industry-specific tools. Accuracy is measured and used to continuously improve our models.

Timely, hyper-local data you can rely on

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Updated hourly

All forecasts are updated hourly so that you'll know about new delays as soon as we do.

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Our data is captured on a 3km grid meaning we're able to pinpoint slowdowns by road segment.

Global coverage

Available in North America and Europe (Global data coming in 2022).

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7 day forecast

All our datasets are forecasted hourly out to 7 days (14 days available upon request).

Don't spend resources interpreting weather data. We do that for you.

With WeatherOptics impact insights, you'll receive actionable recommendations such as "Tuesday morning shipments through Illinois will be delayed by 2 hours due to heavy snow."

Built to scale

Our powerful APIs are designed for high-volume applications and can be called millions of times per month.


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