Weather Data Built for Logistics

With WeatherOptics’ route impact data, you can be confident that you’ve selected the safest, fastest route –– days in advance.

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Do you know how much unexpected weather delays are costing you?


This is about how much money you could be losing each month due to unexpected weather-related delays.

Unexpected delays can cost as much as 250% more than expected ones.

With our weather-adjusted ETAs, you can anticipate delays before they happen.

Skip the jargon and receive data that makes sense

Weather-adjusted ETA
Road danger forecast
Power outage chances
Flooding threat

Weather impact analysis for the modern age

​Hyperlocal meteorological data is combined with non-weather hydrological, demographic, and geospatial variables

Expansive dataset is processed by machine learning algorithms, improving our models and generating weather impact predictions

Outputs are wrapped up into actionable data points such as ETA predictions and power outage chances

Built to scale

Our powerful APIs are designed for high-volume applications and can be called millions of times per month.


Our intuitive products enable you to leverage our data from day one