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Just Launched: Critical Events, Enterprise Insights for Natural Disasters

Weather data for 

Transportation Companies

WeatherOptics takes the guesswork out of weather, reporting impact insights that help you gauge risk 

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Skip the jargon and receive data that makes sense

WeatherOptics client portal
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Weather-adjusted ETA

Road danger forecasts

Power outage chances

Flooding risk

Actionable weather data for the modern age

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​Hyperlocal and predictive wea data is combined with non-weather hydrological, demographic, and geospatial variables

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Millions of data points are processed by machine learning algorithms, improving our models and generating weather impact predictions

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Outputs are wrapped up into actionable data points such as ETA predictions, power outage chances, and disruptions to business operations

Built to scale

With a 99.9% uptime and the ability to be called millions of times per month, our powerful API is designed for high-volume enterprise businesses.

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Our intuitive products enable you to leverage our data from day one

WeatherOptics RightRoute


Pinpoint and avoid weather-related road delays, driver risk, and send out alerts –– days in advance.

WeatherOptics historical weather data

Historical Weather Data

15+ years of historical weather impact data and raw weather data for model training and much more.

WeatherOptics Impact Scores

Impact Scores

Weather impact boiled down to a simple risk score that can be easily integrated and understood across any industry.

WeatherOptics Weather Mapping

Weather Data Mapping

Our mapping layers allow you to visualize our data directly to your customers or across your internal operations.

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