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Weather impact indices for a simple risk gauge

Weather impact boiled down to a simple risk score that can be easily integrated and understood across any industry

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Our impact scores

Group 397.png
Road conditions

Weather-based driving risk and danger calculated from traffic flow and road capacity under various conditions.

Group 398.png

Risk and danger of flooding based on rainfall and local hydrological factors.

Group 404.png
Power outage

Power outage risk based on weather, customer density, and other landscape factors on a 0-5 scale.

Group 403.png
Life & property

Weather-based danger to human life and risk for property damage.

Group 402.png
Business disruption

Quantifies overall weather-based interference by dynamically weighting sub-indices based on current conditions.

Group 401.png
Temperature seasonality

Indicates how extreme temperatures are vs. climatological norms. Zero indicates an average temperature, negative values indicate unusual cold and higher positive values indicate unusual warmth.

Group 400.png
Speed reduction

Indicates how much slower traffic will travel as a result of the weather, expressed as a percentage decrease from typical speed.

Group 399.png

Indicates percentage of zip code inside an active wildfire.

Location adjusted for realistic impact

One inch of snow in Atlanta leads to a vastly different road risk than one inch of snow in New York City. Our impact scores account for this location-specific risk.

High quality data = accurate forecasts

Learn more about our underlying here.

Group 407.png
7 day range

Access our impact indices in our historical datasets, current conditions, and 7 days into the future.

Group 406.png
Hourly data

All our indices are forecasted on an hourly basis out to 7 days.

Group 405.png
3km granularity

Data can be accessed on a hyper-local 3km grid or rolled up into larger regions (ZIPs or ZIP 3s) if desired.

Tried and tested during dangerous weather events

We ran an extensive accuracy report on our forecasts for Hurricane Ida

Understand weather impacts from day 1 with WeatherOptics

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