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Introducing Critical Events: The Future of Weather Risk Intelligence

We’re thrilled to introduce Critical Events, a revolutionary new category of product from WeatherOptics. This cutting-edge solution ushers in a new era of weather risk management and enterprise resilience tools, providing unparalleled insights to help businesses better navigate and prepare for natural disasters.

What are Critical Events?

Critical Events are designed to give businesses a 30,000-foot overview into how large-scale weather and geological events are expected to impact their key business operations. 

The tool is derived from our proprietary hyperlocal weather modeling, impact risk scores, and government-issued data, which could include road conditions, flooding, power outages, and adjacent weather variables. 

By leveraging artificial intelligence, we cluster larger areas of risk and impact and identify them with specific storm types, critical event types, or labels. For our initial launch, we are focused on Hurricanes, Cyclones, Earthquakes, Wildfires, Volcanoes, and Lightning.

This product set is now available in our API and Insight portal for immediate access.

WeatherOptics Critical Events

Deep Dive into Critical Events

WeatherOptics will provide crucial information on the largest natural disasters facing our planet, including both real-time insights and predictive outlooks up to seven days in advance.

🌀 Hurricanes & Cyclones: 

Receive up-to-date information on global tropical cyclones and hurricanes, along with metadata that allows you to see which of your critical locations and operations may be in the path of a significant tropical event.

🌊 Flood Events: 

Understand where large-scale and significant flood events are likely to occur, and overlay your key assets to take action ahead of time.

⛈️ Severe Weather Events: 

Monitor severe weather outbreaks, such as thunderstorms, tornadoes, damaging winds, and hail. Stay up to date with the latest information from the Storm Prediction Center and WeatherOptics' proprietary severe weather monitoring.

❄️ Winter Storm Events: 

Track major winter weather events worldwide, such as snowstorms, blizzards, and ice storms. Get critical details on snowfall amounts, wind gusts, and expected impacts on business operations.

☔️ Tropical Downpours: 

Locate regions where heavy rainfall could likely disrupt travel or business operations, and make sure your team is prepared to take action.

📉 Earthquakes: 

See the latest information on earthquakes around the globe, with critical metadata on magnitude, aftershocks, and what surrounding locations are seeing the impacts.

🌋 Volcanoes: 

Monitor active volcanoes and understand the various stages of eruption. See if a volcano is producing lava or erupting and how that might impact the surrounding supply chains.

🔥 Wildfires: 

In addition to WeatherOptics’ proprietary Wildfire Risk Scores, which provide a 24-hour forecast on wildfire spread, we now offer global wildfire data so you can see individual fires anywhere and at any time in relation to your key locations and assets.

WeatherOptics Critical Events Floods

Key Features and Benefits

1. Comprehensive Dashboard built for Enterprise Resilience:

  • The Insight Portal Dashboard is designed to be intuitive and highly interactive. Users can view their assets, routes, and live vehicles on a map, with color-coded indicators showing areas of risk. 

  • Clicking on these indicators reveals detailed event information and risk assessments that can be layered in with different hazards, allowing for quick and informed decisions.

  • Users can toggle between different Critical Events such as Storms, Cyclones, Wildfires, Volcanoes, and Earthquakes.

  • Users can view real-time and predictive data globally, helping you stay informed about ongoing and upcoming critical events.

2. AI-generated Event Briefings 

  • Receive AI-generated briefings ahead of expected Critical Events, including details on which assets are likely to be impacted.

  • Briefings include: A synopsis of expected impacts on your key business operations and details such as rainfall, road danger, flood risk, and more.

  • Briefings can be customized to fit the needs of your business, setting specific thresholds for events and only adding in assets you care about

  • Automatically alert your team and partners on potential impacts with a daily summary sent to your inbox.

3. Seamless API Integration 

  • Access our Critical Events directly through our API to integrate into existing systems and workflows. 

  • Easily visualize critical events to show your customers which key assets and locations are at risk of certain events.

  • Leverage our AI-generated briefings to quickly summarize the upcoming storm or event and understand specific risks to business operations.

WeatherOptics Critical Events Automated Updates

Core Use Cases & Real-World Applications

Critical Events offers real-time and predictive insights for a variety of business sectors. The powerful and mostly hands-off application can automatically detail the magnitude, location, and potential impact on operations specific to your business, allowing enterprises to prepare and respond to threats more effectively. 

By using AI to help cluster areas and break down risks, we can provide a comprehensive overview of potential threats and enhance situational awareness for improved decision-making.

Supply Chain, Logistics, and Trucking

Critical events can be an invaluable tool for logistics and supply chain managers. They allow you to monitor your routes and shipments in real time, providing alerts if a critical event is likely to impact your operations. This means you can reroute shipments, notify drivers, and take other necessary actions to avoid delays and ensure the safety of your goods.


Retail businesses can leverage Critical Events to anticipate and mitigate the impacts of severe weather on their operations. By receiving alerts about upcoming weather events, retailers can adjust their supply chain, monitor warehouses and distribution centers effectively, manage inventory levels, and ensure the safety of their staff and customers. This proactive approach helps maintain business continuity and customer satisfaction even during adverse weather conditions. 

Government & Emergency Response

Local, state, and federal government agencies can utilize Critical Events to enhance public safety and resource allocation. By receiving timely and accurate information about severe weather events, government officials can better coordinate emergency response efforts, issue public warnings, and manage infrastructure protection. This tool aids in making informed decisions to safeguard communities and critical infrastructure during natural disasters.

Government & Emergency Response

Insurance companies can benefit significantly from Critical Events by gaining insights into the potential impacts of severe weather on insured assets. This allows insurers to assess risks more accurately, expedite claims processing, and provide timely assistance to policyholders. By predicting and understanding weather-related risks, insurers can improve their risk management strategies, reduce losses, and enhance customer satisfaction.

WeatherOptics Critical Events View

Get started with Critical Events

To start using Critical Events, visit our website at Here, you can learn more about the product, access the Insight Portal, and find resources to help you integrate our API into your systems. 

Stay ahead of Natural Disasters with Critical Events, and ensure the resilience and continuity of your operations today. 

WeatherOptics Critical Events Software


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