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RTS Taps WeatherOptics for Increased Weather Visibility in Transportation Management

CINCINNATI, OH, APRIL 11, 2023 – Reliable Transportation Solutions (RTS), a Cincinnati-based third-party logistics company, recently partnered with WeatherOptics, a leading weather intelligence platform, with the aim of improving weather visibility for their transportation management. By utilizing WeatherOptics’ technology, RTS hopes to provide excellent customer service even in the face of disruptive weather events.

RTS, which was founded in 2006, is accustomed to overcoming challenges in a fast-paced and ever-changing industry. Choosing to partner with WeatherOptics epitomizes this commitment to finding solutions to their customers’ needs. The new partnership will allow RTS to access weather impact insights specifically tailored to this industry, such as information about road conditions and shipment delays. “Our team is excellent at adapting in this often unpredictable line of work, and we are excited by the possibility WeatherOptics offers to continue to upgrade our ability to provide the highest levels of customer service in the industry,” said RTS Chief Operations Office, Ben Bird. “With WeatherOptics data, we’ll be able to communicate to our customers the risks of certain weather events and the potential impact on their freight, while also continuing to prioritize the safety of the drivers involved in the shipment process.”

WeatherOptics translates weather data into actionable insights for logistics companies, providing predictive intelligence as a simple risk score or delay time that allow businesses to easily understand how upcoming weather will affect their key operations. The company works with some of the largest shippers and supply chain software companies in North America to help predict and mitigate things like trucking delays, warehouse disruptions, and driver risk due to weather. “WeatherOptics insights are built to ensure transportation operations can run smoothly no matter what the weather conditions are,” said WeatherOptics cofounder and CEO, Scott Pecoriello. “We’re excited to add RTS as a customer because they were able to make meaningful decisions using our insights during a very active winter and spring that featured relentless disruption from the weather”

About RTS

Reliable Transportation Solutions has locations in Cincinnati and Georgetown, Ohio. RTS arranges for the transportation of goods in the continental United States, Canada, and Mexico. RTS is always hiring quality individuals. If you are interested in becoming a part of their team, apply at If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Alana Seymour by phone at 937-378-2700 or by email at

About WeatherOptics

WeatherOptics is a leader in the weather intelligence space, providing companies with insights and forecasts that eliminate guesswork and improve visibility of key business operations. WeatherOptics helps some of the world’s largest businesses navigate safely and efficiently in spite of the weather with actionable insights built for exception management. To learn more about WeatherOptics, please visit


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