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WeatherOptics Launches RightRoute for Logistics and Supply Chain

Each year the trucking industry loses more than 32 billion vehicle hours and $3.5 billion due to weather. Weather accounts for nearly a quarter of all trucking delays, leading to missed delivery windows, disrupted production schedules, spikes in operation costs, and dissatisfied customers.

Scott Pecoriello, CEO of WeatherOptics, believes weather forecasts alone do not provide value for this industry:

“After speaking with key decision makers, it was clear that most transportation operations were using very little weather data, or data that was leaving them to do most of the guesswork. Knowing it’s going to snow four inches tomorrow doesn’t solve the problem. Is it snowing in Boston where a few inches are handled with ease, or in Atlanta where traffic might come to a standstill? WeatherOptics simplifies forecasts into impact scales to easily inform decision making days in advance.”

Our team of meteorologists and engineers have worked closely with leading transportation companies to develop a robust suite of products tailored to supply chain and logistics. We’ve combined deep weather knowledge with ground truth transportation impact data to create RightRoute, the first product of its kind to predict slowdowns and improve ETAs up to seven days in advance.

RightRoute is built for companies of all sizes, from small carriers to massive enterprise operations running hundreds or thousands of routes per day. RightRoute can integrate with any existing Transportation Management System to increase the accuracy of ETAs, alert extreme weather and possible road closures, and compare different route options to optimize operations.

WeatherOptics is also launching access to additional impact indices, including the Road Conditions Index which forecasts road danger every hour seven days into the future. Impact indices can be accessed using the WeatherOptics API and web portal, or through direct file delivery via email or the cloud.

With a potentially historic hurricane season and winter four months away, WeatherOptics will provide companies with tools to save millions in operational costs and reduce accidents.

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